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Client Services

We believe that we offer an exceptional recruitment service for our clients. Our ethos is to commit to long term relationships, not short term gain. We truly believe that we go that extra mile and often we are found working on weekends to source candidates for our clients.

We work with organisations of every size, in every sector and we find candidates who are the perfect match for your vacancy. We conduct a comprehensive interview at registration to completely ensure we have the right profile. We assess the candidate’s skills using our ‘Perfect Match’ system. We guarantee that candidates will have the skills that you require. We also believe that we are responsible for filtering potential candidates and we know that most clients want to see the best 2 or 3 candidates and not have 2 days booked out with back to back interviews.

At Contact Point Resourcing we guarantee certain things, such as:-

  •   We offer the same high standards of service to every client, irrespective of the size of your business
  •   We will only commit to what we can deliver. If your salary offer is uncompetitive, or if your candidate profile is unrealistic, we will tell you – Lets work together to find creative solutions.
  •   We will act ethically and will represent your company professionally, conscientiously and above all with absolute integrity at all times.
  •   We will not resource for your vacancies until we have been fully briefed either face to face, or over the telephone.
  •   Our aim is to work with you long term and build a lasting relationship.
  • If you need permanent, or temporary staff, contact our dedicated specialist on +44 (0) 1182 075 871 or by email andyr@contactpointresourcing.co.uk